Restaurant Concept Types & Concept Examples

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Restaurant Concept Types & Concept Examples
Restaurant Concept Types & Concept ExamplesRestaurant Concept Types & Concept Examples
One of the new trends in gastronomy is the comments made by the regulars about how the designs related to restaurant menu design and efforts to create Restaurant Menu contents are compatible with restaurant concepts or how much they reflect the true identity of the restaurant. restaurant.
After the pandemic, gastronomy researches made according to 2022 world gastronomy trends have already started to be applied in food, beverage and accommodation sector businesses. In 2022, even restaurant businesses of the past are leaving their old habits and adopting new restaurant trends.
In my research before writing this article, I saw that some gastronomy and restaurant management experts, who are considered to be experts in the subject, wrote the criteria for menu design and menu content creation as if they were a similar topic.
What does menu design mean, especially if I have to specify at the beginning of the article? What does menu creation mean? I will try to explain. In fact, the restaurant food menu from the main theme is the essence and owner of the main detail and source of the restaurant concept.
Restaurant Menu Design Is A Specialization That Includes Graphics And Design.
Today, determining the types of dishes to be found in sample restaurant menus is a separate area of ??expertise, as well as a subject that requires different virtues in the field of menu consultancy. The common meeting point to be considered in both is the restaurant concept.
Restaurant Menu design and creating the Restaurant Menu contents are directly related to the restaurant's service concept, food concept and concept design.
In fact, if I go to the root of the matter, before you do anything from the beginning, when you decide to open a new restaurant, the restaurant menu should be decided without even the restaurant construction budget and restaurant opening budget. After the gastronomic research in your region, the food that you want to sell and the services you want to sell will form your concept.
Because all restaurant concepts will be a source because they will be related to the food types in the restaurant menu. The more solid your basic source is, the more others can be reproduced, taking into account the restaurant menu contents.
If I need to give some examples on this subject;
There cannot be a restaurant business without a related concept. This is a ship without a sail and a rudder. The concepts (Concept Consulting) to be chosen by a restaurant that will be put into service with the aim of winning and definite success can be as follows;
  • Family Restaurant Concept,
  • Mediterranean Cuisine Concept,
  • Dinner Restaurants Concept,
  • Restaurant Concept for White Collars,
  • Seafood Restaurant Concept,
  • Artisan Restaurants Concept,
  • Meat Restaurants Concept,
  • Ethnic Restaurants Concept,
  • Fast Food Restaurant Concept,
  • Bakery Foods Restaurant Concept,
  • Halal Restaurant Concept,
  • Cafe Restaurants Concept,
  • Kebab Concept,
  • Kosher Restaurant Concept,
  • Pizzeria And Hamburger Restaurant Concept,
  • Steakhouse Concept,
  • International Kitchens Concept,
  • Far East Cuisine Restaurant Concept,
  • Vegetarian Restaurant Concept,
  • Local Restaurant Concept,
  • High Restaurant (Refined, Fine Dining, Avant-garde) Concept,
Restaurant concepts can be further elaborated. A successful restaurant wherever it is in the world The main concept of a restaurant is its "menu". Whatever is on your menu reflects and should reflect you in every area.
  • Fixture Materials,
  • If Your Restaurant Meal Menu Is Mostly Seafood; Physical Shape of the Restaurant,
  • Interior Decoration,
  • Required Fabric and Carpet Patterns,
  • Related Social Network Ads…
  • Patterns to be Used in Menu Design,
  • Staff Clothes,
  • Restaurant Promotion Brochures,
  • Plate Selections,
--and it will affect many areas that I cannot specify here, and it will be a whole.
If I explain the example a little bit, the restaurant is a restaurant with mostly Ottoman dishes in its menu and the concept of Ottoman Palace cuisine, which is one of the sample restaurants;
  • From Aluminum Chairs And Tables,
  • From Porcelain Plates with Crusader Motifs
  • Iris Pup Cannot Consist of Interior Decoration…
  • From the Cardboard Food Menu,
If I Need to Expand the Example of Restaurant Concepts, a classic Steakhouse Restaurant;
  • From Fish Plates,
  • From Interior Decoration With Fish Motifs,
  • From Chinese Porcelain…
And it cannot consist of unrelated materials, of which I will give many more examples. It must have motifs and similarities with the main concept of the restaurant.
The most important work you need to do before opening a new restaurant is the main concept of the restaurant along with the restaurant menu. Some of the main elements that will form the concept may be one of the following.
  • For Discovery Purpose,
  • Being For Recreation,
  • For Entertainment and Program Purposes,
  • The Main Theme of the Location of the Restaurant…
  • The fact that the restaurant is by the sea,
  • Being in the Business Center of the Restaurant,
  • The fact that the restaurant is in the forest,
  • Being in the city center of the restaurant,
  • Providing Banquet and Protocol Services,
I think that it should be one of the wisest things to be able to reflect such values ??on the restaurant concept by analyzing them. Since the new restaurant will be mostly A la Carte Kitchen, I recommend you to read my article titled How to Install an à la carte restaurant and what are its features.
Restoran Konsept Çeşitleri & Konsept Örnekleri
Today, there are globally successful restaurants in international locations that are known for their service areas, dining concept and clear line, and that perfectly host their guests who come by private plane when necessary. It may take time for people to trust your restaurant, but it is the restaurant managers who will determine the duration of this with your service policies. It is up to you to put your name among the best restaurants with what you have done and will do in this regard.
A restaurant can have breakfast, lunch, dinner, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, personal, wedding and engagement, protocol, banquet, pizzeria and etc…. It cannot be a restaurant providing services. If you say that you will sell everything and provide every service, I advise you to give up your efforts to open a new restaurant.
Every meal you sell and every new type of service you make requires you to build infrastructure in your restaurant. Do not exaggerate the number of ingredients in the food menu, with your friends flattering and saying let's sell this too. Your casualties increase and your food and service quality decreases. Over time, you will have to tell your guests that half of the ingredients on the food menu are gone. With these negative developments, the results of your efforts to sell everything and provide every service may force you to close your business in the long run.
As a result, I would like to share the Most Important Tips for Creating a Restaurant Menu and Detection of Food Types. I have mentioned in more detail in my article, What is the Importance of the Restaurant Menu and How It Should Be Made.
  • Dimensions of Open and Closed Areas,
  • Seasonal Characteristics of the Location,
  • Number and Capacity of Kitchen Staff,
  • Kitchen Types,
  • Kitchen Planning,
  • Kitchen Units,
  • Kitchen Sections in the Restaurant,
  • Restaurant Working Hours
  • Service Areas of the Restaurant,
  • Number of Foreigners Residing at the Location of the Restaurant,
  • Location And Geographical Condition Of The Restaurant,
  • Continuity of the Supply Chain,
  • Total Number of Personnel,
  • Economic Level of the Campus,
  • Cultural Level of the Campus,
  • Local Products,
It may be beneficial for you to review the limits of your features such as. At the same time, if you want to achieve guest satisfaction in restaurant management in the long term, you can get consultancy services from people who are knowledgeable about the subject. In this regard, you can personally examine my service areas in my international gastronomy consultancy, and get support and assistance in the matters you need.
With Result:
First of all, find the answer why you should open a restaurant for any place. Find the answer to what you want to do and what you need to sell in the restaurant you will open in the relevant location. You may need a restaurant in the location you want, but what kind of restaurant is needed?
People Can Give You Different Ideas! Don't forget, you are the one who will make the investment by spending money!!!
If you decide exactly what you want to do, everything will work as it should. But if you try to create the menu by making the restaurant first, then you will have to change or renew something. You will also have to match or compare something to something else. In fact, some of them will not fit, it will be narrow, it will be abundant, it will be insufficient, or you will not like what comes out and you will cancel it.
My Recommendation Note;
Think at least 3 times, get it approved by someone who knows, get approved by someone who knows better, compare the results with your budget; By focusing on resources, time and success, you can set off towards your goal. There is a promise in our business; “Don't be a master of what you're not apprenticing,” he said. If you do not understand this business, but you want to own brand restaurants, take someone who understands this business with you and grow with you.
In order to have a permanent restaurant, especially in the field of gastronomy in Arab countries, some official jobs may take a little longer. Considering the delays required in your planning will protect you from being wrong. You can review sample restaurants for different restaurant concepts.
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