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How to Selection Personnel in New Restaurant and Hotel Establishments?How to Selection Personnel in New Restaurant and Hotel Establishments?
What to Consider in Personnel Selection?
What is the Importance of Staff in New Restaurant Establishments?
Chef Ahmet Özdemir
Personnel Selection and Its Importance in New Restaurant Establishments
The success of professional kitchens largely starts with choosing the right personnel. I tried to write this article as Chef Ahmet Özdemir, as a result of my international and intercontinental work with many years of experience in the sector. In this sense,  I will discuss in detail the personnel selection process, which is one of the biggest challenges faced by new restaurant businesses in Restaurant Management  and hotel management, and the critical role of this process in the overall success of the business. 
Nowadays, restaurant management is a complex art that aims not only to serve delicious food, but also to provide guests with an unforgettable experience. The successful execution of this art undoubtedly depends on the skills of the personnel to be selected and how well they adapt to the business culture. As I mentioned in my Consultancy Packages , the secret of professional kitchens   lies in employees who are passionate about their jobs and can provide excellent service and superior food quality. Therefore, choosing the right staff for restaurant operators is a critical decision that shapes the future of the business.
In this article, Chef Ahmet Özdemir, who has deep experience in the field of gastronomy, offers valuable information on how new restaurant businesses should manage this critical process. As Chef Özdemir, from my personal perspective  and as I stated in my Hotel Kitchen Consultancy , from the perspective of my experience, personnel selection, which is the key to the success of a restaurant business, includes not only technical skills but also the harmony of the candidates with the vision and culture of the business. The purpose of this article is to offer strategic and practical advice to new restaurant owners on how to find and select the right people who are not only talented  but  can also add value to the business as a whole.
The Importance of Personnel in Restaurant Businesses
For a new restaurant business, staff is one of the cornerstones of the business. While the right team reflects the mission and vision of the restaurant to make hotels and  restaurants indispensable today  , wrong choices can negatively affect the success of the business. The staff is not only the face of the restaurant, but also directly responsible for guest satisfaction. Therefore, personnel selection should be considered the heart of the business.
Personnel Selection in New Restaurant Establishments
When opening a new restaurant, the staff selection process requires strategic planning. In my opinion, this process not only focuses on skills and experience, but also evaluates whether candidates can fit into the restaurant's culture and values. The first step is to determine the positions the restaurant needs and the qualifications required for these positions.
What to Consider in Personnel Selection
There are many factors to consider in personnel selection in hotels and  New Generation Restaurants . In addition to the candidates' work experience, it also attaches importance to their personal characteristics and their capacity to adapt within the team. Interview processes should be designed to evaluate candidates' problem-solving skills, how they perform under stress, and their interactions with guests. In addition, reference checking on  sustainable hotel standards and  Sustainable Restaurant Standards provides important information about the past performance of candidates, especially before Pre Opening studies.  
Basic Competencies in Personnel Selection
The basic skills required for personnel to work in the restaurant business include excellent communication skills, high level organizational ability and tendency to teamwork.  Technical skills and creativity are essential for Sustainable Kitchen staff in Gastronomy  . Service personnel must be proactive in ensuring guest satisfaction.
Staff Training and Integration
Orientation and training processes of recruited personnel enable them to integrate into the business quickly and effectively. Chef Özdemir believes that this process is critical to the overall success of the business. New staff should be informed about the operation, culture and expectations of the restaurant, especially  in order to be able to prepare sample restaurant menus , and should also  be clearly guided about the staff hierarchy and their responsibilities in staff duties .
Personnel Selection for Business Sustainability
Correct personnel selection contributes to the long-term sustainability of the business. It emphasizes the importance of team members being compatible with the growth goals of the restaurant and being open to adaptation and innovation. This way, the restaurant can quickly adapt to changes in the industry.
The Results of Employee Reference Researches May Be Misleading, Investigate the Honesty of the Relevant Businesses and Their Managers...
The Importance of Reference Research and Misleading Results
Reference checking is a vital step in the personnel selection process to evaluate candidates' past performance and behavior. However,  as Chef Ahmet Özdemir at Örnek Restaurants , I would like to warn that this process may not always contain as clear and accurate information as expected. As I stated in the title, "The Results of Employee Reference Research May Be Misleading, Investigate the Honesty of the Relevant Businesses and Their Managers." This statement emphasizes that business owners and managers should also question the reliability and honesty of the people providing references.
The objectivity of referees may be affected for various reasons. For example,  in  Restaurant Management , a former employer may make positive comments about a departing employee without burning bridges, or conversely, make unnecessarily negative criticism. Therefore, when performing a reference check, it is important to verify the information presented and confirm it from multiple sources. Additionally, obtaining information about the candidate's previous work environments and the level of professionalism and integrity of their managers is helpful in assessing the reliability of the references obtained.
In this sense, I recommend being careful during reference searches and making a comprehensive evaluation of the candidates. He notes that this process should not only rely on interviews with previous employers, but also interview other relevant individuals, such as the candidate's colleagues and those who have worked under them. Thus, businesses can more clearly see the candidate's versatile characteristics such as work ethic, teamwork ability and leadership skills.
As a result, proper management of reference searches ensures a more solid and objective personnel selection by avoiding misleading information. Therefore, as Chef Ahmet Özdemir, I would like to advise business owners to conduct this process meticulously and conduct a comprehensive background check for each candidate.
In this article, I tried to enrich it with my many years of experience as Chef Ahmet Özdemir and my experiences in restaurant management. Staff selection is vital to the success of new restaurant businesses. Businesses should select individuals who are not only talented but also able to adapt to the business culture and values, so that  they can maximize the Guest Experience  and  both Guest Satisfaction and the efficiency of the business. Choosing the right staff during the opening phase of a new restaurant can affect not only short-term success but also the long-term sustainability of the business.
In this context, as Chef Özdemir, I recommend restaurant operators to go beyond the interview process and examine the candidates' past experiences and references in detail. It also emphasizes that allocating sufficient time and resources to training and adaptation processes is critical for the full integration of personnel into the business. These processes ensure that staff have in-depth knowledge of the goals and operation of the business, so that each employee can contribute to the overall success of the business.
Finally,   I would like to point out that business owners and managers should see personnel selection as an investment, which I wrote under the name of Chef Ahmet Özdemir and mentioned in my article onhow to make a hotel kitchen. Appropriate staff selection   can significantly improve the restaurant's market share and profitability in the long term, increasingGuest Loyaltyand business reputation. Therefore, it is important for businesses to constantly review and improve their personnel selection processes in order to keep up with industry innovations and guest expectations.
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How to Selection Personnel in New Restaurant Establishments?