I am looking for a chef specializing in Turkish cuisine* I'm Looking for a Turkish Cuisine Chef...
* How can I reach Turkish Cuisine Chefs? 
* How can I reach a Turkish Cuisine Chef?
  Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
My International and Intercontinental services are sometimes Hotel Kitchen Consultancy , sometimes restaurant consultancy in high kitchens or kitchen consultancy , and all kinds of titles you may need in the fields of gastronomy and tourism, hotel management and restaurant management, kitchen and cuisine types, which are included in my "Service Areas", are in the words Embossed as "RED" below. you can find. At the same time, when you " CLICK " the red words, you can review the articles I have written on the relevant subject.
* I am looking for Turkish cuisine chefs who are experienced in international cuisine and Anatolian cuisine for the restaurant I will open. How can I find them?
 How can I reach Turkish Cuisine Chefs who can make Sample Restaurant Menus for the New Restaurant ?
 How can I reach the most successful Turkish cuisine chefs who have experience in Mediterranean cuisine and can provide cooking training?
 I am looking for an experienced Turkish Cuisine Chef who is experienced in local cuisine and can provide consultancy in Kitchen Design for a new restaurant and boutique hotel  .
 Where can I find experienced Turkish cuisine chefs who can teach the best Turkish and Anatolian dishes?
 How can I reach expert Turkish chefs who have experience in Mesopotamian culinary culture and Turkish cuisine and can provide culinary training?
  Who can I get to prepare the menu for my new restaurant, which will consist of Anatolian culinary culture and  Turkish cuisine?
 How can I find Turkish cuisine chefs who can provide training on Turkish cuisine appetizers, kebab varieties and oven dishes in my new restaurant?
 Are there any Turkish chefs who can give training on Ottoman and Turkish dishes?
 Are there any experienced Turkish Cuisine Chefs who can give experienced International Gastronomy Consultancy about the old Istanbul cuisine ?
 How can I reach Turkish Cuisine Chefs who can serve as Culinary Consultants in an international location ?
 How can I reach an Anatolian cuisine and Turkish Cuisine Chef abroad from whom I can receive Restaurant Consultancy ?
 I am looking for a Turkish Cuisine Chef who can provide Food and Beverage Consultancy for my new restaurant .
 Is there a Turkish Cuisine Chef who can provide Menu Consultancy for my restaurant menu ?
 Do Turkish cuisine chefs work outside Turkey?
 I need Turkish Cuisine Chefs for New Restaurant Concept Design .
 How can I teach Mediterranean and Turkish cuisine to my kitchen staff in my restaurant?
 I am hiring Turkish Cuisine Chefs to teach me how to set up a new Restaurant Kitchen that I will open .
 Turkish Cuisine Chef who can create a new Restaurant Menu .
How Can I Reach Turkish Cuisine Chefs? I am looking for a chef specializing in Turkish cuisine Turkish Cuisine Chef who can create a restaurant concept outside Turkey .
 How to Open a New Restaurant ? Experienced Turkish Cuisine Chef.
 Experienced Turkish Cuisine Chef who can make Special Sauces about Mediterranean cuisine for my new restaurant  .
 I am looking for Turkish Cuisine Chefs who can make Activity & Banquet Menus for a Luxury Hotel .
*  Experienced Turkish Cuisine Chef on Menu Varieties in my new restaurant .
 Can I find an experienced Turkish Cuisine Chef who can prepare the Sample Hotel Menus for the new hotel ?
 Turkish Cuisine Chef with experience in Menu Planning in a newly opened hotel .
 Are there any Turkish Cuisine Chefs I can get consultancy for Optional Menus for the newly opened hotel ?
 How can I reach a Turkish Cuisine Chef who can do a Menu Analysis in my new restaurant ?
 Turkish Cuisine Chef who can prepare sample Wedding Menus for a luxury hotel .
 Turkish Cuisine Chef with experience to control Menu Management for my new restaurant .
 Where can I find a Turkish Cuisine Chef from whom I can get Banquet Menus and Protocol consultancy for a luxury city hotel ?
 Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine Chef who will be able to organize the newly opened Hotel Kitchen .
*  Experienced Turkish Cuisine Chef about the palace cuisine who can make Kitchen Planning for the newly opened hotel and restaurant .
 Turkish Cuisine Chef who will install Kitchen Units for the new restaurant abroad .
 How can I reach an experienced Turkish Cuisine Chef who can install the Cooking Equipment in my new restaurant kitchen ?
 Experienced Turkish Cuisine Chef with experience in making Kitchen Organizations for the new hotel .
 Experienced Turkish Cuisine Chef who can control the characteristics of the Kitchen Staff for the new hotel to be opened .
 Expert Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine Chefs who can provide consultancy on Cuisine Varieties in the new tourism facility .
*  I am looking for an experienced palace kitchen and Turkish Cuisine Chef who can provide consultancy on Efficiency training in Kitchen Management abroad .
 Experienced kitchen chef who can provide culinary training for new hotels and restaurants .
 The most experienced Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine Chef who can provide organizational training between Kitchen Departments for a luxury restaurant .
 Turkish Cuisine Chef who can provide professional consultancy on Industrial Kitchen Planning .
*  An experienced and experienced Turkish Cuisine Chef who can make an Organizational Chart in the Food and Beverage Department in the newly opened hotel .
Gastronomy consultancy at home and abroad
By reviewing " MY SERVICE AREAS " regarding the above issues  Individuals and institutions who are looking for or in need of relevant projects can contact me between 10:00 in the morning and 22:00 in the evening, Turkey time, for international gastronomy consultancy at home and abroad . You can get more detailed " consultancy service " on the mentioned subjects by contacting " my information "  or "one-on-one" vocational training and work " service  in OPERATION with a "TERMEDIATE CONTRACT" . (For this, I must be contacted at least 1 month in advance.)
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*** You can contact me via my contact information to get more information on the topics tagged and specified in the above Article content andto get support on the topics within my service areas regarding gastronomy consultancy. ***
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
International And Intercontinental 
Restaurant Consultant and Kitchen Consultant
Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine World Volunteer Ambassador
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You can review my Elysium LAGOS work , which is my last work in the city of Lagos, which I coordinated from the construction phase to the grand opening  ... It may be important for you to see  the fine dining menus, garden restaurant menus, bistro restaurant menus and  degustation menus within the  Lagos  Elysium group . .
Türk Mutfağı Şefi'ne Nasıl Ulaşırım? How can I reach a Turkish Cuisine Chef?