How Do You Reach Experienced Turkish Cooks and Turkish Cuisine Chefs in Turkish Cuisine?
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
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Turkish cuisine exports started in 2021, especially in European and Asian countries. As the richness of Turkish cuisine has been discovered more in recent years, it is mostly from Arab countries; Countries such as Oman, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, USA, European countries and Kuwait started to demand Turkish cooks, Turkish kitchen chefs and chefs who are experts in Turkish desserts, as in my  international Restaurant Projects, from many human resources companies  .
The search for Turkish cuisine masters, led by Turkmenistan, Dubai and Qatar,  has led to the establishment of new culinary consultancy  and  personnel consultancy companies that provide the establishment of kitchen staff in Restaurant Consultancy.  As a result of my international work on kitchen and restaurant openings for approximately the last 20 years, I have faced a lot of demand, especially after the pandemic.
Some crises  not only create opportunities on the subject, as experienced in Industrial Kitchen Planning  , but also cause growth by separating successful and unsuccessful businesses within sectors, offering new opportunities to those that can survive. Since I have been providing different consultancy services in the gastronomy sector  for the last 6 years, such as Sample Hotel Menus,  Menu Management  and  food and beverage consultancy  services on international cuisines and restaurants,   I have been receiving serious requests for kitchen staff.
In response to the requests of experienced cooks, knowledgeable chefs with a professional background, and people with mastery status in different departments of Turkish cuisine who want to go abroad, I decided to create a new field of work in my field, "personnel consultancy services".
I added "kitchen staff consultancy services" to my International Restaurant Concept Design and Consultancy consultancy services because there is a lot of demand in this  regard. My aim is to both help Turkish chefs and contribute to the proper preparation of Turkish cuisine in the world.
How do I provide kitchen personnel consultancy services on an international scale...
My work on this subject will be "commercial" for employers .
Believing that the professional achievements of the years will also support the promotion of Turkish cuisine in the world , as a result of the research on  How to Set Up a Restaurant Kitchen  and  How to Make a Restaurant Menu  in the relevant fields from Asian and European countries, we have prepared a list of companies that demand qualified manpower such as kitchen staff, Turkish cuisine cooks, Turkish cuisine chefs, Turkish cuisine masters. I supply the needs of  individuals, companies and institutions ( hotels, restaurants ).
As 3-4-5 star hotels, boutique hotels and restaurants located abroad other than Turkish;
Kitchen staff with the desired qualifications and experience in middle class, upper middle class and high restaurant options such as Kitchen Units Installation,  Kitchen Design and  Cooking Equipment training are made suitable for service in the Features of Kitchen Staff and are officially prepared to go abroad.  
For those who are looking for the answer to the question of Kitchen Organization in Gastronomy or how to open a steak restaurant, the following Turkish cuisine masters can be requested from me without requiring a staff.   
 Secondly, I provide consultancy services for those who want  sample food presentations from traditional Turkish cuisine  and Special Food Presentations  from Ottoman palace cuisine  . Likewise,  those who ask "What Should I Pay Attention to When Opening a New Restaurant  ?" aim to train Turkish cuisine masters who are in demand in other countries besides Turkey So what will this menu training be like?  

International Kitchen Personnel Consultancy Services

For those who are in search of Efficiency in Kitchen Management and requested by me,  the food menu  from sample restaurant menus  and  Menu Types  in Turkish cuisine   will be prepared by me, by giving Culinary Training.
New Turkish cuisine cooks and Turkish cuisine chefs will be trained in Kitchen Management  and  Restaurant Management by providing training on the Turkish cuisine menu, which I have provided  in my gastronomy consultancy, to the citizens of the person, company or institution (hotel, restaurant) in the relevant country  and their staff in the status of assistant chefs (only Capacity to make the relevant menu fully and completely). 
These trainings  will take 3-4 months in menu consultancy and  menu planning, depending on the richness of the menu. The biggest gain for individuals, institutions or private companies (hotels, restaurants) in foreign countries is to  have a Turkish cuisine chef who can prepare the food menu in  the application of Kitchen Planning in a short time by training an individual working for minimum wage in the status of an assistant.  
He won, the staff won, and the Turkish cuisine won...
Our aim is  to win and make people earn money while searching for the answer to the question of How to Open a Restaurant   , and our tool is Turkish cuisine. Nowadays, there are definitely people who can do any job you can think of at a cheaper price. Personally , I will try to provide Turkish cuisine personnel consultancy services in order to avoid falling into the Most Common Mistakes When Opening a New Restaurant in the search of business owners  Those who need this certification in Restaurant Management,  especially as an employer abroad,  can call me with peace of mind.  
Now, in this service portfolio, Turkish cuisine, "overseas kitchen staff consultancy services" are also included with the above-mentioned and extra services and are subject to a fee. Relevant services will be provided by me in Asian countries, the USA and European countries  . For your requests, please contact me via e-mail or phone at least 1 month in advance for program details and service types.
Important note:
You can review my Elysium LAGOS work , which is my last work in the city of Lagos, which I coordinated from the construction phase to the grand opening  ... It may be important for you to see the fine dining menus, garden restaurant menus, bistro restaurant menus and degustation menus within the  Lagos Elysium group... 
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My International and Intercontinental  Hotel and Restaurant  Consultancy Packages  Have Differences;
1-  Standard" Consultancy Package  option, where the options are selected  ,
2-  Silver" Consultancy Package  alternative, which carries a wider range of services  ,
3- " Gold" Consultancy Package  option,  which includes training and training of chefs ,
4-  Turnkey" Consultancy Package  alternative, where all systems are prepared and departments are created from scratch  ,
5-  Crisis Management and Risk Assessment  Consultancy in Hotel and Restaurant Businesses 
6-  You can evaluate the Platinum" Consultancy Package options , where " unlimited choices " can be made   on the subjects on which I write articles within my service areas  and   areas of expertise  in Gastronomy  ...  
Areas of expertise of "Turkish Cuisine" masters and Turkish cuisine chefs that can be requested by me; 
Baker  masters in "Turkish Cuisine" Cold cook, olive oil and appetizer  masters in "Turkish Cuisine", Hot chef  masters in "Turkish Cuisine", Pan-  made masters in "Turkish Cuisine" Grill and kebab  masters in "Turkish Cuisine", Butcher  masters in "Turkish Cuisine" , "Turkish Cuisine" Kebab  chefs in " Turkish Cuisine", Fish Master in " Turkish Cuisine", Pita and baker  masters in "Turkish Cuisine", Restaurant Kitchen Chef in "Turkish Cuisine" Hotel Kitchen Chef in "Turkish Cuisine", Dish Master in "Turkish Cuisine", Dish Master in "Turkish Cuisine" Baklava  masters , "Turkish Cuisine" Dessert Master , "Turkish Cuisine" Bread Maker  and more, special and optional successful and experienced Turkish cuisine chefs and masters according to needs...
For kitchen staff, kitchen training and the preparation of "Turkish Cuisine" special menus or menu types needed for larger hotel and restaurant chain brands or individual businesses, I need to send a detailed e-mail containing all the issues or call me personally using my contact information.
International Kitchen Personnel Consultancy Services
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